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Night Skies

Revolutionizing Satellite propulsion with novel Propellant

European Space Agency

We have started heating up Uvireso Electric Propulsion. The launch is coming soon... Prepare for a long mission.

Space Satellite  with electric propulsion thruster
Space Satellite

Propelling Earth observation missions to new lengths

Missions to extreme lenghts

Changing the Hall thruster propellant from Xenon to Bismuth allows extending mission duration up to 5 times
decrease cost.

Space mission with Bismuth propellant Hall thruster will last up to 5 times longer than with Xenone propellant

The Hall thruster with Bismuth propellant project

Uvireso has started. Follow the progress

Work in progress:

-analysis  of Bismuth implications on thruster performance
-simulation of Bismuth evaporation

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