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Uvireso Spacecraft Thrusters

As a leader in space electric propulsion development, Uvireso is at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our current project involves designing a Hall thruster with Bismuth propellant, which will offer longer mission time.

Hall Thruster Model with Bismuth propellant

Our Hall Thruster is the gold standard electric propulsion. With a thrust of 5 mN and specific impulse of 1500 s, it's perfect for nano and small satellites and on-orbit propulsion. We're proud to be pushing the boundaries of electric propulsion technology - our new process for Bismuth evaporation is just one example of our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation.

Our Hall thruster propulsion system brings down operating temperatures, extend the lifetime of  thruster, and monitors thruster performance to ensure optimal operation. Whether you're launching a satellite to LEO or GEO, our Hall thrusters are the ideal choice for your propulsion needs.

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